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Wednesday, Jul. 03, 2002
Have you ever had one of those day when you felt upside down and backwards?! I had an idea that has been flaoting in my silly head for alittle while under the influence of ambient voices from outerspace. Does anyone knwo where you can find dominatrix services. I really believe Brad needs this, in facts he wants it. oh baby........Oh those whips and chains....mmm.. well I digress. Either that or meet a pin up with a big wooden spoon that will lead him around like a little puppy. And you know what I will say after the momentary pity "ha" . I would have my own little party doing the running man all through my living room.

Well I love all of you that read my diary but who knows me? Not many of you. If you lived in my shoes you would think twice before you said your banal words of stupidity. I treasure those of you who do care and try to understand to the rest watch a porn flic and relax.

As for my husband I think he was born clueless. I have tried to talk to him and bascially put a neon sign but still clueless. grr why why why . Maybee I can prank call him and ask if he's seen his brain and hang up. just kidding I wouldn't do that but it drives me insane how someone could just not get it.

I feel strangely not my self like someone somewhere has taken over my hands and is forcing me to type abtract prose in monkey speak. I am possesed ..see my head spinning around and around and around (whoah I'm dizzy) Any body know of a good exocist because I hate pea soup.

What am to get for a my best friend for his b-day any ideas. If you have any ideas please leave me a message. Hopefully that silly fool will post his amazon wish list or I'll get him something silly like one sock or something like that.

Well I have to go and do something not quite sure what maybee read "clockwork orange" . Maybee i'll just spin in little circles and get dizzy and fall down. Well I must be off. I'm off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of OZ. And one last thing ... smile cause I said so sillyhead!!!

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