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Thursday, Jul. 18, 2002
Today I woke up to a thousand questions that I can't answer. Does someone understand men? Why does it take a brick smacking on the head before they even begin to understand. You can wear a damn big neon sign and say " I am mad at you and wil do a bobbit copycat if you touch me" but do they get it no. Then when they do get its always "why are you mad at me " or the infamous " You are just too high strung"

I understand sometimes why some women become lesbians men suck. At least if your a lesbian your lover understands you but then there is the problem of having two PMS warheads going off at the same time. I would think about it but I just giggle visualizing it. If its your thing more pwer to you but not me. I might think men are idiots but they are loveable idiots like a dog. You don't kill a dog for peeing on the carpet you just rub its nose in it and move on.

About the rumors of a kristy cult. I have never agreed to the use of my name as an invocation to spotaneous worship. It could have benefits but at what price. I am not an object of worship just a completely sexy girl from FL no more no less.

I know I am being silly but I'm tired because I was up all night because my husband thought it would be funny and gave webster some beer so he threw up everywhere. So I am running on empty. Need starbucks now!!!

Well I couln't think of any pertinant quotes so I thought I would write a poem.

When did love become

so hard

a crime to spend your

heart as you please

So I proclaim to stones


to hear myself alive

If I could touch you

one moment

would be enough

to savor your kindess

up close

holding to my breast

like a child



I would touch you

kiss you

love you

if you would let me

as I sit on your doorstep

forever waiting


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