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Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2005
I hate the fact that diary comment writer’s from hell can actually at times make you sit down and rethink your life, your life that they cannot see or truly know about. A commenter has something helpful to say, an attacker is there to do just that, attack with words. In light of the recent attacker, because I call this one an attacker rather than a commenter, I have decided to do the following things.

1. take up crack as a hobby
2. teach my son how to light a crack pipe
3. quit college
4. quit my job
5. get a daylight only gig at McDonalds
6. quit feeding my son anything other than freebie fries
7. forget about being educated
8. call my ex and tell him how I’ve learned from him and intend to be more like him
9. quit my job at McDonalds
10. find some dumb ass old lady to pay all of my bills just because I lie to her and tell her I adore her
11. go on welfare
12. get my son on state Medicaid
13. take him to get his teeth cleaned weekly (all those fries caused cavities)
14. watch Maury daily on my cable I’m pilfering from the neighbors with jobs
15. let Jules pay my bills

tra la la….boy that was easy…

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