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Thursday, Nov. 03, 2005
A few things and only a few things to add to this newest dreadful list:

1. My laptop died
2. As in dead
3. Doornail?
4. Yes
5. I called HP tech support
6. does anyone speak English anymore?
7. They said buy a disk
8. I then found that I had the disk I was paying 45 bucks for
9. I cancelled order
10. wonder how long before I get my 45 back
11. called circuit city warranty people
12. 3 nice tech guys tried to help me fix it
13. my laptop = error city
14. I paid $174.99 on 2/17/04 for full insurance coverage
15. they are sending a return box for me to ship this S.O.B. back for service
17. Thank God Rick has a desktop….uh…I mean “we” have a desktop too!
18. a. if they fix it they send it back
19. b. if they can’t fix it they will send a brand new comparable computer
20. c. one or the other will happen within ten days of their receipt
21. I should be getting something shipped back to me ohhh I bet right around the time I am saying “I do”
22. After the last 3 weeks if Rick still marries my bitch ass…then it’s true LOVE people
23. TRUE
24. And all of this on his birthday….
25. I brought him a chocolate cake
26. and PEOPLE…..I ate 3 pieces……stresssssssssssssssssed OUT
27. kill me now
28. Sunday is tux rental day!
29. We’re close
30. Where the hell is my veil?????????
31. why haven’t you shot me yet?
32. Will these people really send me a new laptop or fix mine?
33. Damned if I don’t trust anyone business oriented.
34. Think it had anything to do with the fact that just last night I tripped over the wire and the entire laptop landing back down on the tile floor?
35. It worked today for all of 1 hour then died…..
36. refer back to #16 now please….

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