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Monday, Dec. 29, 2003
Today the following things happened....

1. ex called to inform me that he's moving my son to Treasure Island.
2. spent lunch-hour having a verbal exchange that reminded me too much of my former hell living with him
3. insane boss informed me that I will not get paid for holiday...then advised me to deal with it...then brought up a dozen other topics off the subject because he's a Gemini two faced twit just like ex.
4. Called home and cried all over BF...(rinse and repeat too many times to count)
5. drove home while again arguing with ex about logistics and who can and cannot do what and how and where and just about wrecking I was so blinded by anger....
6. arrived home...sweet BF taking down Christmas stuff...coming to door to give me hugs...
7. boyfriend taking me out to dinner for yummy sandwiches...
8. stopping at SprintPCS because phone won't turn on and want to check out insurance I have...
9. need to mail $35 along with phone and wait for two weeks for replacement home...grabbed dirty laundry...went to grocery store...bought more laundry detergent...called son and advised Mom's cellphone is on the blink... but can still retreive sweet msgs he leaves...read guestbook..whipped screen the finger..(thin finger I may add....normal sized girls don't necessarily have big fat fingers you stupid a#$!)

and...now I'm wondering just how I managed before without meds. Ignorance is bliss...because now I know the difference and I want to be sedated.

14. Boss called while out to dinner to advise me that he put my holiday pay on my paycheck and didn't even mention his fuck up to his boss...and all with that tone of "see how great I am now?" tone of voice. He sucks!! He's the only boss I've ever had that will leave a msg that starts... "Hello Kristy this is Michael Miller....

doh...like f##king doh...I don't know who he is or what his name is...yah right. I almost forgot...I refer to him in my home as something entirely different...!!!!

Ok...so now for 15....to that one idiot that thinks he's bothering me by refering to my weight....I am the
average size woman.....so go hold your girlfriends hair back while she pukes to be what you want...and leave me alone. Spanks!!

Lastly....#16...Im going to go cuddle with my BF.
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