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Monday, Jan. 26, 2004
I'm at work....yup at work. I'm alone and not exactly trained yet so I have no workload and a window with a view. I'm feeling guilty because I would love to be doing something because I'm here to tellya I really dig my bosses. They are both gone to seperate work related engagements at the moment and I'm sitting here thinking about my future. It's bright.

There's palm trees right outside of my window. I can see my truck from my desk chair. I was given my own key to the office. I have a new state of the art computer and a huge 19 inch screen. I'm sitting here wanting to work. Wanting to be working. Because I'm feeling like I accomplished something and I truly haven't yet.

Tonight BF is going to be home at the same time as me roughly and I'm looking forward to going home and telling him all about my first day at work.

I spoke with my grandmother briefly during my lunch hour. My 81 yr old grandfather is not doing so well, he's having some problems walking and is now in therapy. I don't like hearing that stuff about him. He was always active and busy making a garden, hunting and basically doing all of those grandfatherly things. I hope this is not the beginning to more problems for him.

Spoke to ex today as well. Going to speak to my son later tonight about how he wants to work things now that Mom has normal hours at work to work with. He'll be excited.

I'm sitting here with a head full of ideas and all sorts of things floating around and for some odd reason I can't seem to write it all out.

Pictures later...
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