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Wednesday, Apr. 20, 2005
I spent my work day schedule working from 11 a.m. until 6:15 p.m. Sweet. I was home by 7:10 (all the way from the far side and that fast….) We jointly made dinner, the man bought a new kickass computer desk that we can put both of our computers on and reclaim our dining room for it’s sole purpose. I reorganized some stuff. TonyMacaroni came over tonight to visit so he met my man, my dog and my “home” life. Nice. TonyMac and I share tight quarters at work and so it’s nice to know it’s not just about a work thing, but more that we respect each other and know a little something about each other’s lives now.

The man’s work clothes are in the dryer as I type. He’s lying down.

Today I spent my entire workday learning about my new position and learning more about the archaic computer software that we use to build class schedules as well as share student information. F7, F2, F4, page up, page down, control+s, enter…..all viable commands but used in different sequences in different areas. I kept looking at my counterpart who was training me and stating “is it F7 here….how about um…that didn’t work it must be F2”. As soon as I would go for the wrong command she would state “No…um NO” and it was very much like that Capital One commercial that cracks me up. So I pointed this out and the fun began. She’s great…..I find it all interesting and more challenging and I’m sure for awhile I’ll be busy learning new things and then one day down the line I’ll be well versed and like always in my former positions I will grow bored…but I’m sure I will have chances to move onto new things. That’s the way the company is.

The drive over the bay is an interesting one. People drive like mad crazy people. My favorite part is the Howard Franklin Bridge. I looked all over the Internet and there just aren’t any nice photos…..but trust me…it’s gorgeous. This is an old photo but you can tell part of what I'm talking about...
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I get on Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And wait for my exit…. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I’m actually loving the drive over….but…..the gas prices!!! Thank god for expense reimbursements. ;-)
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