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2 days with Juliet

Sunday, Dec. 01, 2002
A few months ago I met someone online that writes the absolute best screenplays. Iíve talked about him before, once here.. Heís a great guy to talk to, and gives me the best advice on my writing and self-fearís when it comes to it.

Iíve read 4 or 5 of his movie scripts and they totally rock. Heís talented beyond belief and like Iíve said before, it amazes me that he even speaks to me and thenÖ today this transpired. Iím beyond myself with amazement. Michael writes the most amazing things, draws beautifully, and plays the most amazing music. Heís an all around talent. And did I mention he has the cutest baby alive? Yeah I should mention that even though heíll probably never see this.

Michael: Oh, by the way, if you end up writing some lyrics... with the title "2 Days with Juliet"... there's a good chance it can be made into a song and put on the soundtrack
Me: oh is that so????
Me: well FUCK that's pretty kewl
Michael: yeah. I'm writing all the music... so if you want lyrics in there
... you've read the script.
Me: i'll work on it right away!
Me: wow
Me: thanks
Michael: or, get your buddies to write a song called "2 Days with Juliet"
Michael: and we'll put it in the movie.
Michael: we are trying to get as many different interpretations of the title as we can
Me: well... i'll write some stuff...talk to them.....get back with you
Michael: and EVERY song on the soundtrack will have the same title "2 Days with Juliet"
Me: i'll do it either way...if they aren't interested...i'll just write it and get it to ya
Michael: all by different bands.
Me: that's kewl
Michael: I already have a punk rock band and a female R&B/hip hop singer
Me: are you going to sell this soundtrack?
Michael: we'll see... there's a lot that will go into that, but we may sell them off the website
Michael: eventually
Me: ok
Me: well... if I write the lyrics and they don't want to write a song around them.....will you do it?
Michael: yeah I'll do it. I don't have a problem with it.
Me: ok but I will speak to Jamie and the band
Me: they may want to do it to get the exposure
Me: in another area
Michael: like I said, we're trying to get as many different interpretations as possible
Michael: hey it couldn't hurt.
Me: i understand
Me: they are kinda like that band Two Doors Down
Me: that's their sound
Michael: I mean, you've read the script... there's potential for this one to go far
Me: yes I have read it and I love it
Michael: Then again, it might not get anywhere... it could end up on a shelf next to my other two...
Michael: but, you never know. just a fledgling director at work.
Michael: sooner or later, the talent will get recognized...
Me: i totally believe that
Michael: and I'm not going to forget those who have been good to us
Me: i mean that's why blue joules keeps trudging away
Michael: well, at least mention it to them. write some lyrics for them...
Michael: or, let them take a look at the script, and write their own stuff.
Me: I will definitely do both.
Michael: I mean, make sure they know we aren't big time movie producers...
Michael: we're just like they are, a couple of guys with big dreams

A couple of guys with big dreams? Iím just one girl with a big dream. Sometimes I wonder if Jamie knows that his one choice to believe in what I could write has caused so many other opportunities and a validity that nothing else could have.
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