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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2002
He opted for the felony charge, the check fee plus court costs. He has 2 months to pay restitution of $810. If he doesn’t have it paid by then, then he has to pay a monthly probation fee of $55 and a payment amount towards restitution.

My life sucks…. You know I’ll be having a thousand financial problems now because of this one issue. I can almost guarantee anyone that he was notified, called..etc for the last however many months. He chose to ignore it. That’s how he is.

“He” is the type that if this happened to him, he would go get two part time jobs and he woulda paid it the first week he wrote the bad check. Well…what am I saying. He doesn’t write bad checks. His credit’s not all frigged up. He’s got his life straightened out.

How the hell do you straighten your life out once it’s this far gone? How? Would I have written a bad check to get my dog back? Yup! Damn right I woulda!
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