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2nd interview

Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2004
Dear T### and C#### F####,

I just wanted to drop a short note to thank you for investing your time so freely with me on Friday. I appreciate your approach and honesty regarding the position. I am currently reviewing in detail the information you provided and also delving further into your websites for more information, and most of my new questions have to do with the day to day operations.

I am still very interested in learning more and becoming a valuable asset to your companies. I've gone on interviews in my lifetime that were lacking in information. It's a nice feeling to have a bigger scope for what a job entalls like I have now. All the more reason to be that much more excited. It is clearly evident to me how and why you have both been successful business owners.

I'd also like to mention that while I'm currently living in St. Petersburg, my lease will be up in March and if the situation warranted it I would certainly be looking to move closer to your office's for more convenience.

Thanks again!

Kristy #######

Yah my grandma taught me how to "follow up" and all about thank you notes. I just got a message on my answering machine from Mr. F##### inviting me back for another interview. They went from 15 down to 3 and I'm one of them. Hmm.... I always get to this point and then...... Oh but I won't think about that part because Mr. Miller inspires me to GET OUT. Another interview tomorrow afternoon. Yeahhhhh!!!!!
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