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Friday, May. 28, 2004
Happy Friday before a 3 day weekend! Yah Iím all about needing a mini-vacation right now even though Iím broker than a joke and I have nothing planned at all. My friend Cathyís comin over tomorrow to borrow my pool and get some sun and that should be a nice thing. I have tons of books I wanna read and I suppose the only plan of action I have is to DO NOTHING I donít wanna do. Do ya hear me? DO NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

The company I work for was supposed to have carpet installed this morning and because some loser at Loweís didnít get my bosses cellphone number written down correctly things have been delayed. IE: The office is ripped apart in order to allow for installation and now here we sit. Donít buy anything at Loweís. They are idiots who canít coordinate anything correctly.

Yesterday I was having major happiness envy and I talked to Bryan about it and he gave me this kewl link to a site that talks all about how to find oneís own happiness in the correct ways.

Last night b.f. made tacos with nothing but shell and taco meat and I probably shouldnít have ate the shells but I ate because the brokenness is making dieting an impossibility. I feel badly about it all this morning though and I am back to my normal eating. I know one meal is not going to kill me, but it feels like a minor infraction either way.

B.F. is going away next week to a family wedding. He thinks I shall be gone when he returns. His thinkage is all out of whack. Iíll be here waiting. I just hope the break helps things. I hope he misses me and comes back happy.

Iím outtie for now, have a great weekend peeps.

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