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Tuesday, Aug. 08, 2006
Tax season is the busiest time of year if you are an accountant. The fall is the busiest time of the year if you work in admissions for one of the largest colleges in the country. Gah! Shoot me!

I love being busy. But today and tomorrow are going to be stressful. I have my appointment tomorrow with the specialist. His first name is Romeo. Im going to see Doctor Romeo and hes a cootchie doctor by trade. Now how funny is that? Even I have to laugh at this rare opportunity.

My son goes back to school today. Its a weird thing because I feel him growing up and slipping away but most of it is due to some circumstances surrounding the divorce etc. Things I rarely speak about here because its not worth the backlash. Suffice it to say that I spend far too much of my time missing that boy.

And that.those are the 3 things on my mind today.

1. work
2. doctors
3. child

and NO not in that order.

He walks himself to school now since his father lives so close to his school. It's a very very short walk so don't speech me on his safety. It'd be more dangerous to go in a car. But when we speak about this my mind always travels back to when I drove him to school every morning and how we sang on the way. Yes....I have to stop writing now....tears..

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