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Thursday, Dec. 26, 2002
Todays a new day. I gave him the bracelet back and told him I already have one like it and showed him my wrist. He actually insisted that they were different. The only true difference was that the one I wear is 10kt gold because thatís a stronger kt to wear on a daily basis and the one he gave me yesterday was 18kt gold which makes it softer and more delicate and more likely to break if you were to wear it everyday.

He said heíd get something else, but I donít hold out much hope that Iíll get anything back from him. I simply put it behind me and thatís that.

I have to take Bucky to the dentist this afternoon and then I want to hit a few stores and look for deals. I doubt if Iíll find any, but you never know. I would have had to go in the morning before everyone else grabbed all the deals.

Its sunny and bright here and I thank god that I live somewhere where the sun shines, because if not, I think Iíd go insane.

BraN called me yesterday, Iím sure to wish me a merry christmas and I was in bummed out mode crying. I mostly cry out of sheer frustration for the situation at large. Bran asked if it was a bad time and I said that yes it kinda was because I didnít want to cry all over anyone on Christmas Day. I intended on sitting down and writing him an email but I just never got to it yesterday.

Today I got thisÖ

Hey KriS,

whats going on? Are you okay? You didn't sound all that hot the other day...whatsup?


Mostly it amazes me that people Iíve never met in person can be so considerate of me, and know me inside and out and be able to send me books I love, know that somethings wrong by my voice and yet the one person I spent 11 years of my life with, had a child with and shared my every day withÖjust has no clue.

Someone explain that to meÖ
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