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5 pocket questions

Tuesday, Aug. 06, 2002
i got this idea from pocket5 who’s diary I love!!!! Go checkout her diary, and tell her how awesome she writes for a “un-editor” like myself!!!

1. Does the full moon affect your behavior?

not as much as a bright hot seering sun burns my thoughts.

2. What ways do you wish not to die?


3. If you could be totally honest, what would you say to your mother right now?

i love you too much for someone that doesn’t love me back.

4. What do you do when you're stuck on telephone hold?

write words on my arms and hands

5. It's your last meal ever, what's on your plate?

t, hahahha…. Grrr…ok lemme get serious… sushi, polenta..and chocolate mousse

6. Any run-ins with the law?

Yup that bastage told me I can’t drive in parking lots with big fluorescent lights without headlights because no one will see me???

7. Who's the strangest person you've ever met?

Greg Carlson, my artist friend. He’s strange in the most beautiful of ways. He leaves voice mails that would make god sit and ponder what he did wrong.

8. Who are you not talking to anymore?

my family

9. Where on your body do you love being touched?


10. Any birthmarks?

I used to have a red crescent shape moon near my belly button. It disappeared when I was pregnant.

11. If you could talk with one kind of animal, what would it be?

A bird, “how the fuck do you fly?”

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