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5 years from now?

Friday, Mar. 19, 2004
I was thinking about a ton of stuff during lunch today nothing short of how my one boss has now switched over to verdana font and divorced one self from nuptial. Ha! Now we are totally a verdana banana fanna fee fi fo …yah..something like that…office. Lunch was a spinach salad (no dressing) and about ten ounces of watermelon and 24 ounces of water. NO NO NO I will not be one of THOSE people who list out what they eat in their diary every day agonizing over every ounce and fat gram and carb. Never fear. I will not live like a neurotic finger down my throat person either. I’m just tired of feeling tired. I’d be happy to lose ten lbs and be healthier.

I’ve been thinking about where I want to be 5 years from now. The following things….came to mind as things I want before another 5 years pass….

1. I want to feel better, physically, mentally and most of all emotionally.
2. I would like to be taking a writing class, enrolled in college and/or doing better with my business/career.
3. I would like to have myself involved in activity groups, as in perhaps a book club, a writers round table. Something where I’m socially interacting with like minded people that doesn’t involve a mouse or a keyboard. *sigh*
4. I would like to have moved away from this distraught angst driven style of communication that I seem to fall into within every relationship I am in.
5. I want to have a new car, something red, something sporty, something funky like me.
6. I want to have a more scheduled life, more regimented in the fact that I currently am all over the road and don’t have it together in the social area of my life.
7. I’d like to have “more” female friendships, (&$^#(!@ this one is a toughie for me.
8. I’d like to be content. (it might take the rest of my life for that to happen)
Ok I’m done torturing myself… seems I know more about what I don't want than I do about what I do want.
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