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Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2003
Most of the diaries I read...well these people aren't updating much anymore and the ones that are...I dunno. Probably a big slump in the world of diary excitement. I can only say after reading today's entries tonight I wonder if I missed out by not having a pet rat when I was a child. I wonder if I should go to the mall and do some people watching, and I will never feel complete until I match my hair color up to my outfit at least one day in my lifetime.

Makes you wonder how this habit forms in one's life. This habit of email checking, diary reading, daily website cruising. What did people do back in the day?

Plowed the field you say? well fuck that...I'm glad this is today and not back in that "the day."

Last night I was watching a wedding dress up for bid on ebay. I am exactly 6 days away from being divorced and my ass was looking at a wedding dress? Scary.

Perhaps I should back up and wonder about lingerie and diamonds and wine and hanging from chandeliers for awhile. Maybe after I go to court, I will feel a sense of relief that it's all done with. IT's been all done with, now we just have to wait for the fat lady to sing. I wonder if the judge will be fat? Hmm...that would be funny.

There are 3 major plus's to getting this all over with.
1. I am no longer going to know what it's like to walk into a house with no electricity unless of course I go house shopping again one day.

2. I don't have to pay restitution in my domestic violence deferrment program, because ex has agreed to talk to skank woman girlfriend of his into releasing my responsibility for that debt in exchange for allowing him not to have to pay that same said amount of my past due phone bills. (this is cool...I have more time to pay off my debt and it's not up to any judge to tell me I have to or else!)

3. I will never ever sit at 3 a.m. and wonder where the fuck he is again! I know this is a for sure thing because I haven't done it for 8 months already and it's stupendously wonderful to know right where your man is at 3 a.m.

6 days and counting......my electricity bills are paid, and he's paying for the divoce class that Florida state requires by law, and we have joint agreeable custody and all is and will be so very well.

Life goes on.....he hasn't addressed enough of his issues, but outside of the parental ones, I really don't give a fuck what he does. Some people will never change. His stripes are still there.

I am forever changed. I knew him for 2 months and we got married. This divorce will have taken over 12 years to get....actually about 9 months total. I could've given birth to something far more pleasant than a divorce.

I think when you get divorced people should send you a new toaster. I know my toaster looks like shit after that mess.

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