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Saturday, Sept. 02, 2006
So yesterday I went back to work. It was of course the Friday before a long 3 day weekend and several departments had departmental meetings and so I didn’t really get to see everyone. I just saw part of my own department and only part because most of them took the day off to have a 4 day weekend. It was a slow going day and I had trouble thinking “work like” again. I puttered about my desk but didn’t delve into anything massive yet. I felt great all day though. It was however odd to be fully dressed again. I know that’s a weird thing to say but after walking about the apartment dressed in pajama’s etc for a week it was odd to be up and about like a normal person again.

And then last night after work, and a great conversation via the telephone, I got home and took a nice long nap. I woke up feeling hot and disoriented. For some reason I felt some unusual heat at the surgical site on my lower lower abdomen. I felt the area with my hand and was totally grossed out to feel a large egg sized lump that felt hard and hot right underneath the surgical cut line. I nearly puked. It was very foreign object feeling. Grossed me out big time. And then I was getting hot then cold…sweaty and ill feeling. I really probably just grossed myself out.

I went to the hospital ER last night because I already knew I would not get into see Dr. Romeo any time sooner than my follow up appointment. Romeo is highly popular..there’s a line around the corner every day of women waiting to see him. It’s crazy. So I drove myself to the ER. I signed myself in. I was given a gown and a bracelet. I lay on a familiar feeling bed in an ER bay that I swear I was in last year prior to the gall bladder surgery. I and my OCD recognized the weird patterned wallpaper immediately. Some young kid about 25 came in to take my information and insurance. He was standing there talking to me when the ER doctor comes in and whips the sheet down off of me and inspects the surgical site area (right above my hoohahhh!!!). The guy tries desperately not to look anywhere away from his laptop on wheels….while the doctor advises me that I have a lovely surgical site and that Dr. Romeo has done a great job with it. The young guy taking my information starts laughing. The ER doctor clears his throat and advises me that I simply have a hematoma under the surgical cut line the size of a large egg.

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What to do? Nothing....wait....it will go away in a day or a month or a few months. Say what? In other words……"Have a expensive bracelet and go home and go to bed!" The ER dr. stated, "the dr that cut you did a fine fine job, and you're taking good care of it, it’s healing nicely , this is the way the human body responds to trauma...you're just fine. Take a Tylenol if you're experiencing any pain due to this hematoma.

Hematoma: A collection of blood under the skin usually caused by trauma to the area. Basically it's a very large bruise.

A large eggsized mass under the surgical site is just fine???? Weird.

Worse yet, I got up this morning and it’s the size of a smaller egg. Great…..

Why did I go by myself? Rick had to go to work this morning like every Saturday morning. I also figured I’d be sitting there for quite some time before being seen. I love St. Pete General. They’re fast and good and they don’t mess around. At least I and my new foreign mass are not afraid of each other anymore. I'd also like to say that I do thankfully have great health insurance at my workplace. Lucky girl.

On Thursday I got these lovely flowers from my co-workers…..

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And because I love her……and she’s the best nursemaid in the world……

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