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Friday, Apr. 14, 2006
6 weird facts/things/habits about myself that I’ve probably never talked about here. (yes I can count, you got a bonus) It’s Meme but I don’t tag….just as I don’t forward those “you will have piss poor bad luck unless you aggravate your friends with all these smiley dancing gifs”.

1. Every time I go to the bookstore I cruise around the bookstore, pick up every book I have never seen before, I then drag my big stack of books nerd-style to the café and order coffee and then try to figure out how to carry the stack and the coffee to a table. I then sit there for at least an hour and look thru every one of those books. I will have an anxiety attack if I cannot find a book I have not seen before. Seriously. I will have breathing issues and feel out of sorts as though I’m immediately lost in the woods and will never find my way home. Must have routine, new book stack, coffee, browse…there’s a pattern to it and it must NOT go awry or I will freak out.

2. I cannot run a bath and THEN get into the bathtub. I must turn the water on, dip a toe, submerge entire body into cold bath tub and shiver while the water pours in. I simply can’t get the temperature to my liking if I don’t do it this way. Then I usually soak until I get too hot being in there but I can’t get out until I drain the water entirely and am half dry and cold again. Yes, I’m a freak.

3. I cannot lend my books. If I ever lent a book I’d have to buy a new one to replace it while my lent book was gone. I have extreme difficulty parting with things as a whole but books and it becomes a major threat to my feeling personally well.

4. I cannot fall asleep until I am near death tired if…if….my husband is not home AND in bed with me. This is so weird to me because I was not like this before him.

5. I wish I could drink all of my coffee out of those paper cup’s with the tiny hole opening in them, if I could afford to (as in if I ever win the lottery…) I will buy those for my own kitchen. I will have the sleeves too.

6. I believe that having anyone wash my hair for me is the closest I’ve ever come to having an orgasm in the close presence of a woman. It makes me question whether or not I'm a lesbian in hiding...for a split second as my hair is being towel dried by someone elses hands....that is.

7. I never wear lipstick, for me it feels like rubbing a candle onto your mouth. Gross. I do however have a slight addiction to lip glosses.

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