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8-9-10 (poem)

Saturday, Jul. 06, 2002

welcome back to that same feeling
the one that has no name.
the same emotions that always
come back to find me.
iím not allowed to smile
more than a moment in time.
Harder than pain.
pieces of something good
turn into jagged razors in my flesh.

7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 going on 8
no excuse offered
lies never measured out
the truth always arrives too late
the lies are always served more than fresh

belief is something that wears rollerblades
slides away on cracked sidewalks
and now all I do is hate hate
the truth always arrives too late

and it rains in whatever place youíre in
maybe thereís no rain
but theres rain in our house again
just great
little boy horror cracked
I see it again, the strain
the truth always arrives too late

why canít you ever just look at me
with something real in your face
why canít you just tell me what it is you want
pretending its all okay doesnít win
any kind of race

words on a screen I never wanted
never wanted to know a screen intimately
lines youíve crossed
ines Iíve drawn out
rain rain
7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 going on 8
and I thought I could love you again
but the rain of truth proves itís too late

cartoons drift across the living room
youíre nowhere in my world
and it always comes back again too soon
hands you hold
faces you touch
you lose it all
so it mustnít have meant all that much


I just want to punch your face
you win
you win this hating race
I hate you
I hate you with a hate that
I will never erase
I hate you
more than my hate hated you before
and hate this hate is nothing to adore
789just stay there for all time
your lies were all that was ever
saved to be mine

too many hours
too many years
all the time
all this time

the only thing I have of yours
is named pain
you give it all the time

13 hours crossed lines
I promise you pain
as deep as mine

my time will
pack up everything
you love
in one sweet line
8910donít come home again

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