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B.J. tonight

Friday, Mar. 14, 2003
Yesterday was a short day at work. We left early because one of our sales guys had a $17,000 gross profit order come through. SoI wanted to pick Bucky up from school and go swimming. So I call the ex to make arrangements and guess what his employer told me.

He no longer works here.

He was fired. I dont know why yet.

Hmm. Can you say LOSER???

I went and pulled Bucky out of school early and we swam all day long. Were both sunburned but happy.
Im going to see Blue Joules tonight, taking Rick to see them for the first time. I asked ex for all my BJ (BJ..teeehee) t-shirts back. He left them on our apartment doorknob. At least he returns my things.

Rick is off all weekend and I cant wait to just hang out with him. Im seriously planning to move to NC to work for him and his medical company. Him being someone I have talked about a lot in my diary. Rick and I are planning on getting our own place here in FL for awhile and then moving to NC. Ex-man says I can take Bucky to NC as long as I can show that I can provide for him. The job offer is totally awesome, and totally worth moving for. Annnd I will definitely be able to provide for my son there. Rick will leave his job and get a new one. We were discussing things last night and I made the statement regarding the lease time If I have to I can move to NC and help you pay the rent here in FL for 2 months or whatever the difference overlap time is. To which he replied, NO! I cant even stand to be away from you when I have to work at night, I dont like that idea honey.


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