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Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2002

I have one of the bestest friends a girl could ever have….
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From: Kristy
Sent: 20 February 2002 13:49
To: Brandon
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Look at what this total "prick" said to me after making me cry over the
phone late Monday night. He made me cry then put his cell phone down to make
a phone call to book an order for work at 1 a.m.! Jerk....I'm over it.
He makes husband look like a prince charming....

From: “Brandon”
To: “Kristy…”
Subject: RE: Re: All about...
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 14:07:48 -0000

Kristy... I'm sorry, all I can say is that you basically ask for it.. I've
told you before that youve gotta drop this guy like a ton of cement..he's
obviously got a hidden agenda with you and I really don't know what it is.
I don't think Ive ever said anything to you like what he has, hes obviously
an idiot and not worth it. Leave him to be, get on with your life and spend
time talking and being with the ppl you like/love, not with a**holes like

Incidentally, you're just gonna to kiss and make up coz thats the type of
person you are...he's got you under his thumb and its time to forget about

Why do u let yourself be used and abused and hurt like this? The only
reason you cry is coz he's letting you. My dad once told me and I shall
never forget this...

STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PPL coz they only bring you down to their levels.
If someone is negative, hurtful or abusive, let them be...but not with
you... you dont need ppl like this and theyre just making matters worse!

Give him the benefit of the doubt..show him for once YOU don't give a tw*t
about him!

my reply… BraN

I’m going to print this email out and post it on my bulletin board and that’s all I really have to say.
Meaning thank you and I will read it til it truly sinks in. I love you for saying this to me when I need
to hear it. And no I’m not kissing and making up. I told him off last night. And….I subscribed his
email address to every PMS newsletter I could find….teehee…. I’ve had enough of NEGATIVITY
for a lifetime…..I know that I have friends etc that are happy go lucky and who like me for who I am. And do not talk down to me in this way. He’s got issues…and I clearly have enough problems to cope with and don’t need to collect up his issues and have them become my own.
((((((BraN)))))) thank you…..

awww…Bran just sent me a picture of him taken right now for me and he’s just the cutest… its on the lefthand side of my website
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