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Danielle Steel sucks!

Sunday, May. 05, 2002
I wrote my own Danielle Steel story….you can go write your own…

it’s the stupid shit you do at 1 a.m. when your husbands out with his friends…and you’re bored to tears… However I do find the word “hate” and my problem with it to be quite ironic since you fill out a form only…

On a dark and stormy night, PoeticaL found herself in Anquilla. She was feeling love, given the recent events surrounding the World War II disaster. She was lucky to have escaped with her lust. Things had never been so pounding before.

"him" arrived. His gaze immediately fell on the happy woman and in that instant, he could see just how sad she was. Even though he was obviously 17 years older than the woman, he knew that they potentially could be a match made in Jamaica.

"he" felt like he would lose himself in the deep black of her eyes and of course, her tiny waist. He made the decision to go up to her and introduce himself.

He walked up to her. She looked at him with trusting eyes and he fell violently and passionately in love. They could not wait more than 31 minutes before they stumbled off to Wilmington.

True love always has problems and this couple was no exception to the rule. For instance, "he" was still dealing with the issue of what do about his stress and PoeticaL was very anxious about solving her problems regarding the hate.

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