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Monday, Jul. 22, 2002
Remember David

Ya know the guy I met at the bookstore one night. The guy that called me only once after that night to say “hey kewl I just met you” and then just up and disappeared? Never returned my 2 subsequent calls. Ya know that guy!!! The guy that was kewl up until we met? Well, while we were at the bookstore he gave me a list of books that I should read. I went to this used bookstore on Saturday and guess what? I bought 4 books off of his list of 5 books and are ya ready for this????

They had his name written in the front! How weird is that? Incidentally he didn’t have that freaky white hair when I met him. He changed his pic…ewww Yuck!!

But I now own his books. And they were only $20 for all 4. And by the way…I hope he’s destitute and that’s why he had to sell ‘em. Yeah I know..mean of me…but phhhfttt….

By the way before you ask…

1. Fay – Larry Brown
2. Backroads – Tawni O’Dell
3. Life without water – Nancy Peacock
4. Celebration – Harry Cruise

Stranger yet, he wrote notes in all of the books with a blue pen.

HEY David I have your books you freak!!
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