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Eeery Tales - bad poem

Wednesday, May. 29, 2002

I just wrote this….  Yipes..I don’t know where it came from.  I think it’s my constant wanting to believe in “happily ever after” and always realizing that the biggest words are “THE END”



Eeery Tales


I compose you like a character

A prince-less kind of book

Eyes that grow narrower

I no longer want to look


To be me is to taste pain

Licking again your lips

Ungodly thoughts remain game

As a bloody dagger drips


A very sad fairy tale

Is all that I can write?

Its’ about a wish-less well

On a starless night


Pennies full of pockets

Fingers jangle coins

Empty picture lockets

Kisses never joined


Bald-headed Rapunzel’s

In castles way too high

Moats weeded in jungles

Doves that cannot fly


White horses turned gray

Broken spirits matching legs

Goldfish ponds dried away

Bottom feeders eating dregs


The ugly truth exposed

Pages creep away from their own words

Pretty pop up picture book has closed

Ugly honesty is too absurd


Blades shoved in backs

Back tracked and came around

Can no longer keep track

Murdered faith dying on the ground


Twisted horror story

About the way love goes

Lover loved back gory

Sappily ever after it shows




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