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Everyone Else’s Girl – Megan Crane

Wednesday, Dec. 07, 2005
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This book currently has a 5 star rating on amazon. I wouldn’t call this a chick lit book, but I would say if you like chick lit you’ll like this book. I would give it at least 4 stars myself. It was entertaining and it made me think about things I haven’t thought about for years. You can read about it and ruin the storyline for yourself if you like, but I would suggest getting a copy knowing nothing about the storyline, therefore I’m choosing not to ruin it for you.

The storyline is easy to follow, characters easy to keep track of. The main protagonist…easy to like. All pretty simple and straightforward and this book provided me with 2 days of easy entertainment in the reading department. I plan to buy her other book, English as a second Language very soon even though it has those blasted overdone legs only on the cover!!!!

Read an excerpt and/or this author’s journalhere

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