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Friday, Jul. 19, 2002
They turned our electricity off. No kidding. They actually did it on Wednesday night. Convict boy (ya know husband….I kinda like that nick for him though ;-) turned it back on himself. ‘cause he’s criminal like that. He turned it on cause lets face it, we just didn’t have the $220 to pay the bill. And that is one months worth of electricity in this incubator I am currently living in.

Ok so he turns it back on Wednesday night. Yesterday afternoon he drives home, turns it back off and goes and pays the bill since yesterday was truss payday. (yes he has a job and is an upstanding citizen in the world) So Florida Power (they SUCK) tells him they’ll have it turned back on within an hour. So…we went out to dinner. We went to the Macaroni Grill and I macked on some ravioli and some café ole’ and “Bucky” had fettuccini alfredo and “convict boy” got something with Portobello mushrooms in it. Some sort of pasta. Then we really did it up when we got 2 desserts and did the 3-way share that we love to do as a family. 2 big plates! One of raspberry cheesecake and one of chocolate cake with killer chocolate icing and lots of whipped cream all around.

Then we called home to see if FP had been around to jack up the power again. We can tell they haven’t cause our answering machine doesn’t come on. So we went to Borders and sat in the exercise section of the store and each of us read a different book. I sat reading “Internet Infidelity” while convict boy read some book about Tai Kwon Doe and “Bucky” played with a electronic keyboard. Some lady in the next isle over was getting irritated with him. She kept doing that irritating *sigh* and the all favorite “jesus christ!” thing under her breath. I told “Bucky” “hey bud…keep hitting that blue key a thousand times …k? the one that’s really shrill….yeah like that..thanks Bucky.” She heard me and came around and stood in the isle glaring at me between looking at some book titled “I’m a big ugly pig that needs laid”. Ok ok so I made that part up, but that’s what she should have bought. We were playing the role of happy family hanging out in the bookstore and she was being a (&#(@&(@&!!!

So, then about an hour and a half and $40 later we left the bookstore and went home even though by now FP was telling convict boy via the phone that they had a major power outage in our area to contend with before anyone could come over and flick a switch. So we went home and he turned it back on himself long enough that we turned the AC on to cool the house off enough to be able to breath. “Bucky” wanted to go to bed. But we didn’t turn any lights on so that if the FP truck came down the street they wouldn’t see what we had done. Then convict boy sat in his pussy mobile car and listened to his stereo watching down the street for the truck. I was in the house chatting on my laptop (via charged battery). All the sudden convict boy comes racing into the house and back out the back door. Then comes back in about ten minutes later and says “I saw the truck and I made it back there before him.”

Now how stupid is all of this? Very! FP shoulda just sent a guy to turn it on before 11 p.m. at night. We turned it back on to cool off the house enough for “Bucky” to fall asleep. The house has central air and heat but also has air conditioners in the windows of the bedrooms and the sunroom from back in the day before central was installed. So we cranked Bucky’s window unit for an hour and a half so he could sleep.

All of this reminds me of the times that we drove to gas stations in PA to fill up 5 gallon containers of kerosene to heat the horrible trailer we lived in up there. I used to put 3 and 4 pairs of jammies on “Bucky” and wait for Daddy boy to come back with the containers. Or we’d put him in the car and crank the heat in the car til the trailer heated back up. And to think that child never got pneumonia!

Two good things about last night. I lit up the entire house by lighting up all the candles. It actually was nice except for the unbearable heat! It was so glowing and pretty and me sitting at my little ice cream parlor table type clicking on my laptop. The other thing, cb (lets cut his nick short here) felt bad about the entire mess and bought me a new CD and a new book and dinner and dessert. Guilts a wonderful thing. ;-)

The things we do when we don’t make go’zillions of dollars. About an hour before FP came to turn it on convict boy says to me “What do people with 5 kids and a paycheck 5 days away do in these situations?” I said, “stand on street corners.” He said, “no they sell drugs.”

By the way, something about the way he contends with major crisis like no electricity for two days…makes me like something instinctual about him. I woulda sold something, or moved into a hotel for 3 days and got my paycheck and paid the hotel bill off or something. He’s ingenious about the way he handles life. It’s called “street skills” I think. One time he told me if I was ever starving and on the streets that Denny’s is the easiest pace to dine and dive at. Good information to know I guess.

All I’m really saying here is, we’ve always dealt with these things because of lots of reasons but mostly because neither of us had that charmed life where parents encouraged us to go to college, etc. If I have to work 5 jobs and fuck monkeys my son’s going to college! I think he’ll have incentive because when I say, “hey if you don’t go get an education and get a good job, you’ll be sitting in a hot muggy house drinking piss warm Pepsi and trying to read comic books with flashlights someday.. Well that kid will know I’m not full of shit. Last night when we were tucking him in bed under his ac unit cranking iced slushie air into his sauna bedroom, we apologized to him. He said, “it’s ok, but can I get a laptop battery for my TV?” teehee..

I might not have a bank account anymore but I do have the worlds greatest kid all the time!

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