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Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006

Ok so you know how the man brings home things for free? You remember how people buy stuff they don’t use or need? Some people buy stuff and then put it in storage for a few years thinking they will eventually use it. Then they get sick of paying the storage and when they’re paying a company thousands to move their stuff….they start to give their stuff away to the nice guys there because they realize they’re never going to use it.

Well…..he hit the flipping jack pot today. A big black box that happens to show him a big giant picture of FOOTBALL right during the beginning of FOOTBALL season?

Free TV4

He brought this bigscreen Sony TV home today and the sound didn’t work and he had no remote control. He messed with the menu buttons in front of me for all of 2 minutes and bling...we have sound. Bling we have a clear beautiful picture. Hmmm but still no remote. Dang. But wait we have that old FOOTBALL shaped universal remote that I bought him not too long ago. But wait we don’t have the code sheet it came with. Oh but wait….we can find that on the Internet. Yah maybe…wait it was right…. here

Ahhh very nice….and I figure…as evidenced by this photo if he can put up with my stack of books on the coffee table….reaching for the ceiling…I can figure out where to shove my other belongings to make his football viewing dreams come true. But dang it we need to buy a house!!!

Free TV

Of course he likes the first photo because….well because there’s FOOTBALL. Now what do I do with my other brand new TV and where do I put all the stereo stuff and and and...oh heck who cares he's smiling so big his face is gonna hurt in a few minutes. Free!! Sweet!!
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