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Thursday, Sept. 12, 2002
What happened to ‘t’? Nothing’s happened to ‘t’. When things are busy where he is, he’s m.i.a. and that’s just how it is. It has nothing to do with his feelings or what kind of person he is. It comes with the territory and the military and his position. It’s frustrating and I miss him. I write to him almost daily and its increasingly difficult not to feel slighted by him when I miss him like crazy and he’s so far away and so distant in every way. Its very hard to deal with because its not his choice either but how do you maintain and stay close and build upon anything when you are reduced to ….nothing. He doesn't reply because he's out on missions, or so he claims. 't's never lied to me, so I have to assume he's not now. But I never assume anything entirely. You just can't. I just miss him.

I met someone local tonight…

Lee: if you ever want to call me and talk my number is open for you ..... even if we dont become lovers we can be friends.......im at 532-####...pls call whenever you need to talk......

These are the things that people shouldn’t say to me. It’s like an open invitation for trouble. I’m at an all time low over here and am thinking about calling him.

Lee wants a friend. They all say that. Lee’s wife cheated on him, found a new man and left him. His life is ripped apart….he understands where I’m at. Lee has 3 kids….3 very cute kids if you ask me… check him out…

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