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I got an A !!

Friday, Feb. 18, 2005
Week 5

Day 7 (Wed) ALEKS Math Self-Assessment

5 out of 5

Day 7 (Wed) Learning Team/Team
Dynamics Paper

15 out of 15

Day 7 (Wed) Learning Team Team
Dynamics Presentation
5 out of 5



98.85 out of 100

Week 5:

Terrific Finish to GEN/300! Great job on this paper! Your LT did an outstanding job. This was a great paper and well written. It was very thorough and the formatting was excellent. The use of headings was terrific to see as well as references throughout the paper. I liked your opening paragraph, it set the tone for the paper. The content was well thought out and consistent throughout the paper. I received your ALEKS so you received full points for it. Best of luck in your future classes!
It was a pleasure to have you in GEN/300!

I GOT AN A! Yes…. I got an A. I can’t recall the last time I got an A in a high school course. I think it was an Art class. Oh how times have changed!

I also got an email (way after the fact and the ONLY email I ever got from her) from my lame teammate who did absolutely shit for nothing on our group assignment!!

-----Original Message-----
From: Sabrina
To: Kristy; Richard
Sent: 2/17/2005 8:45 AM
Subject: my input

I know the assignment was due by midnight on Wednesday. I do apologize to the both of you if I didn't have my input in enough time to add it to the assignment. Guess we should have put a deadline on the draft.

I also apologize for all the technical problems I had. Hopefully that is all fixed now that my new modem has been delivered and installed.

To which I responded…

-----Original Message-----
From: Kristy
To: Sabrina
Sent: 2/18/2005 7:58 PM
Subject: RE: my input

I don't think it's a great idea to be turning in your draft on the very day the FINAL assignment is due.

Dick and I set no deadline on the draft...and yet we both stepped up to the plate and did what we had to do. We turned the assignment in on time and I got a perfect score without your very very late unusable input.

I wish you well Sabrina....I hope you get your priorities in order and if indeed you had computer issues as you say, I hope for your sake they have been fixed.

I got 98.85 out of 100. I decided before I signed up for school that I would do ALL of the work regardless of my teammates. I hope you got something out of this class as I know how much you paid for it. :-)

She paid $1480 for a class she did NOTHING in. Sad.
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