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Sunday, May. 08, 2005
Now I’m jamming to “My Girl” by Chilliwack….that was the very first 45 rpm record that I ever bought when I was about 9 years old….and finding that on I tunes…..priceless. Music…timeless…full of memories… Gentle on my mind by Glen Campbell and I remember my Uncle’s old record collection and my blue jean slathered record player with it’s little plastic 45 clip on….and then some Donnie Iris just to remember where I’m from…(Western Pennsylvania…near Pittsburgh like Donnie) and….then some Carly Simon just to weep in a bad mood….and then “Should’ve Been Me” by Tiffany…yes Tiffany because…because when I was that age..I listened to that song right after the first boy kissed some other girl when I was his girl…and the memories flood back…sure the songs might not rock the kasbah of the year ’05 but that’s music for ya….pictures of my life….besides that’s the song where she sounds like Stevie Nicks…sorta.

I think that Rick and I should walk down the beach during our wedding to the song “Lets Get Married” by Jagged Edge and Run DMC. It would be killer cool to just pick up the wedding dress and boogie on down the sand….


I suppose I’m having these thoughts because the man just bought me an Ipod for Mother’s Day. That man raps my heart against my ribcage daily.
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