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I've learned....

Monday, Jul. 15, 2002
while talking about Andy Grigg's new CD and song "I've Learned"...

Brad: im learning

Me: lol

Brad: lol

Me: me too

Brad: what have you learned

Me: tons of stuff

Brad: can you name a few

Me: sure

Me: 1. lies kill only good things

Me: 2. better to be yourself than anyone else

Me: 2. don't give up on what you want in life or it will never happen

Me: oops that was 3

Me: 4. say what you have to say in one big simple sentence instead of a thousand small cluster fuck ones

Me: 5. have a plan

Me: 6. don't just talk about it do something to make it happen

Me: 7. something good is something built with time not empty promises

Me: 8. pretty words mean shit for shit....in the end they'll not ever be enough

Me: is that enough

Me: ?

Me: am I off the hook yet?

Brad: yeah

Brad: youve learned alot

Me: whew

Brad: every single one of those is right on the money

Me: yup

Me: what have you learned from me?

Brad: hmm

Brad: not all poetry sucks

Me: lol

Brad: no......its possible to become friends with someone you never met

Cause when it comes to love
I get so confused
Things I say and shouldn’t say
And do and shouldn’t do
I build back walls that I’ve torn down
I hide my heart so it can’t be found
I get lost as lost can be
But still you keep loving me
-Andy Griggs

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