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Saturday, Nov. 19, 2005
When I worked for an electronics distributor there was a man that worked there with me. I haven’t worked there for a few years but when I did I was there for a wonderful 3 years. This man was an older frail man and he had a wicked sense of humor and made me laugh often. He told dirty jokes and referred to himself as a dirty old man…but he was far from that, he was quite funny and engaging. He had enormous amounts of work ethic and often came to work while being sick. He was talented and kind and all things you wish for in a grandpa. He was married and his wife worked there sometimes part time as well, I had several conversations with both of them while we cleaned and tubed OEM excess parts. They both loved country music and we would listen to the twanging together in silence working... Sometimes he or she would tell me funny stories about how they met. They were a great couple that bickered with sweetness and did so much together….in fact everything. When I worked in the back room with them and we sat working like that...I often felt safe and comfortable as though this is what family felt like.... They were Delboy’s in-laws from his first marriage. He was and is very close to them despite the fact that his ex-wife really isn't and never was.

This morning out of the blue Delboy (my friend…and not his real name…) called me and told me that Kenny passed away yesterday on his 29th wedding anniversary. I was standing and I had to sit down...one tiny tear eeked out and rolled down my face and even I was surprised that this news would affect me like it did. I called my former boss to tell him….he started to cry over the phone. Kenny worked for him for 13 plus years…he hung up without saying another word to me…everyone cared for Kenny. I haven’t seen Kenny since I left, but he was often ill while I worked there. I saw how much it affected his wife. I saw how much he truly lived his life despite his illnesses.

Today I am so sad for her loss. He was someone I liked very much. I was lucky to have known him.
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