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Thursday, Dec. 05, 2002
I’m so sick this morning that I have more Alka Seltzer cold medicine in my system than I do blood. I actually went to sleep last night at 9:30 p.m.!!! I am going to work, but who knows for how long… I feel like road kill. Now onto my entry…*cough* *sniff*

I got this in an email from a friend who shall remain nameless, but lets just say I know heknows for sure what he is talking about.

I was peepin' yer life tonight and have an fyi for you: an MFA in creative writing is 2 years, not 6. Unless you're getting three of them. Or unless you're adding the 4 years of undergrad to the equation. Or unless you're a really, really, really slow reader.

I suppose now that there are different types of reasons to acquire an MFA degree, I still think Captain Ron had the right idea in my guestbook. But then again, any education is not a bad thing, it’s just when you have the degree what are you doing with it? And if I could remember what “someone” else told me about his MFA I’d post that too. It made sense, it really did.

Lastly, I never said I was well versed at this MFA thing. In fact the chat I posted I was actually inquiring about it. Of course Mike doesn’t have his MFA so he was probably the wrong person to ask. That’s the glorious thing about having a diary….I am being educated along the way for FREE. Would that be called a “DFA” “Diarist of Fine Articulation” Ha…in two days I’ve been told my grammar sucks and I spell wrong and now…I have no clue what an MFA is. Gee…I’m glad I’m not getting paid for this gig.

In closing I would like to say that it’s strange to get an email from someone and realize that anyone can come “peep” at your life at any given time even though you CAN’T peep back at his or hers. Either way, I got some more answers. If I recollect right, if you go to school for 6 years you can then teach something or other … there was a legit reason, now I just can’t remember what I was told. Perhaps 6 years helps one’s memory capacity? *grins*

If anyone else has some information about MFA degrees, please feel free to inform me… Oh and to the person that was peepin in on my life...Thanks!!

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