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guardian angel or Math Part x=? say what?

Thursday, Jul. 21, 2005
I am going to go to a different University to take my Math courses. I will spend 16 weeks per course and take three courses to equal what I will need to fulfill my Math requirements and graduate one day. Each course will cost me $198.33 (out of my own pocket expense) plus books. And who knows how much they will cost but they are usually expensive. But at the end of it all I will know Math and understand Math and be a much happier stress free girl.

Today I dismissed my second upcoming Math course so I only have to endure the next 3 weeks of sitting through the course to get physical credit for taking it regardless of grade. The grade will post and affect my gpa but will later be removed once I complete the courses elsewhere and my credits are conferred. In other words I may have to only spend 16 weeks at another University and $198 versus the 5 weeks and $975. Hmm….

I feel better about this transpiring this morning. I feel that I have addressed the issue and am resolving it. The other University is located within mere minutes of my front door and I can attend on Saturday mornings. I am glad to have found a resolution.

As always…..a certain guardian angel in my life strikes just as I’m needing a little positive’ness in my world. Friendships….real true ones…..make the worst of day’s easier to smile through.

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Hey KwiS,

Did you know that we have now known each other and been frenz for 6.5 years now!!!! I was like "wowwwwww" when I thought about this, I have two best friends over here who I'm not even sure I've known as long as that...that definitely makes you one of my best friends too then. I know we don't speak much these days and I know ya really busy and know that you've now got a much better, more fulfilling life which you seem to be enjoying and much happier living in - I feel happy and content knowing that.

"Distance may keep us apart but friendship will not keep us distant" - BraN July '05 ....just remember that one thing of all things!

I do miss ya KwistY and all our great chats we had together once upon a time and I really hope that both of us will find some time in our at most times hectic social lives to keep in touch a bit more often than we have been.

Lots of love

(ya best internet fwend in Engerrrrrlanddddd XX)

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