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Mr ? - poem

Thursday, Mar. 11, 2004


Mr Almost is not quite enough.
Id have to change him and make him tough.
Mr Good Enough is taken by someone I see.
Its ok hes not good enough for me.

I ponder Mr What Can I do For You.
Yep I think maybe he would do.
I would be his Ms Anything I Can Do?
If I was happy I think that I could do.

What happened to the Mr Wrongs?
I know whos got him all night long.
Shell take the time to fix him better.
Then hell leave her and upset her!

I am Ms I Can Be Anyone For You.
Just ask I am willing trust me true.
I am wondering where is Mr Sex
Though hes not right Id like him best.

Theres always Mr I Can Lie.
Theres even Mr Im So Hot Aint I?
Ive met a million Mr Wait and Sees
And a lot of Mr You Can Trust Mes

I have been the Miss I Will Wait
But it was always for Mr Im Always Late
And though I dont claim to be perfect
I have met too many Mr Awful Dates

I had a blast with Mr I Love Beer.
But I became Miss Youre Never Here!
I even danced with Mr Saturday Night Fever.
But he wanted Miss Always Willing Beaver.

I never met Mr Youre Too Nice.
For him I might become Miss Sweet and Spice.
And where is Mr Ill Be Faithful.
If I find him Im for sure Mrs. Grateful.

I found Mr Perfect Thing.
I even found Mr I Can Be Your Everything.
I woulda gladly been his Miss Anything.
If he woulda brought me a ring in spring.

For one night I want Mr 69.
Or even Mr You Look so Damn Fine.
Hell I admit I want Mr F**K
But I have never had such luck.

Mr Maybe he came along.
There was even the serenading Mr Song
I even met Mr Can You Always Wear a Thong?
That guy sadly didnt last too long.

I have been Miss Is That It?
I have been Miss Are You Rich?
I even have to admit ...
I have been Miss I Am a Bitch. ;-)

I will always want Mr I Last all Night
I will always search for Mr Can You Talk to Me
But I swear if I find my one Mr Right.
I will be his Mrs Forever So Happily!!!!




I wrote this a long time agoover 4 yrs ago. on June 22, 2000



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