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Nothing - poem

Tuesday, Jun. 04, 2002
I wrote this last year and posted it on a poetry forum and forgot all about itÖ.someone replied to it and itís back in front of me and I just canít believe how much has changed since 3-20-2001. It freaks me out and then when I think too hard I can only concentrate on Ö.


Itís the nothing things
The things that you do
That I never thought of
Watching you read a book
Now is enough to love

The way you chew your tongue
wrinkle your nose
or push back your hair in the wind
makes me curl my toes

These things are what I missed
when you were away
These things I have kissed
in the nothing that I say

Let me tell you nothing
but the smile upon my lips
Iím sitting here
Drinking my cappuccino
With tiny little sips

You ask me what Iím thinking
Itís something too hard to explain
I say ďnothingĒ.
Knowing nothing will
ever be the same
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