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My Poetic Prestigiation Is No Trick ( I consecrate for JamieC)

Tuesday, Aug. 06, 2002

Can anyone pick out the word that just doesn’t fit in this….. dudes???? profile?

hot or what????

It’s a good good thing I don’t ever click on yes over there anymore.


and just cause my bud Jamie reminded me again of all the fun we had one day “too long” ago…. I’m posting this exchange he and I had on a poetry forum. Jamie was the most fun of anyone co-worker I ever had. Don’t tell him but I wiped a few tears the day he left. By the way Sandy….I told him to get his own friends….lol I always have to find his friends for him. Remind him of course of denzil….. I found denzil for him too!!! Jamie will laugh for sure. And check me out using a word like “Prestigiation” just to look all big or something. lol If you secretly read my diary Jamie…I love ya and miss ya lots. There was one great thing about ZD...my leaving..no...oops wait...you leaving...ut oh not that.... There was one good thing about ZD, it's name was Jamie. awww... gack!

My Poetic Prestigiation Is No Trick ( I consecrate for JamieC) - Kristy 13:07:52 5/25/2000 (4)

Posted by Kristy on May 25, 2000 at 13:07:52:

My Poetic Prestigiation Is No Trick

I was born with a silver pen hanging from my ass.
My psychotic wording talent you will never surpass.
You can be my ink internist if you wish.
My wicked wit is the main course to your weak side dish.

Go back and drone on your catalytic hacking.
Your desert dry humor is forever lacking.
What I am you can only hope to be.
I am the definition poetically.

Shove your dead white rabbit back in your hat.
Heal that one liner scab you continually pick at.
Your prestigiation is purely lame all the same.
The roll of your dice is just a loser’s crap game

Watch me connive to kill your repartee.
I find there is no intellect in what you say.
It appears you can’t deny my rhyme disease’s effect.
From this prose I now prettify and slyly defect.


the words you spew forth to me are gibberish
they attack my brain and create much anguish
the mental smell they create are like a dead fish
and to cork your brain would be my first wish

it's close enough!


No one could do better than you.
Word sparring with my skill like you do
. Your abilities I will forever debate.
But your need to impress I can not negate.

*waving a white flag*
arguing with someone you like is a drag!!

*S* hows that for calling a truce??? NOT!


I don't want no truce
so you can quit your cryin
get up off your knees
cause your beggin I ain't buyin
you can take that white flag
and use it just for dryin
all those falling tears
cause your ability I'm defyin


You are foolish it’s plain to see.
You won the battle but the war master is me.
You will never be the victor.
I’m a writing boa with a deadly constrictor.
You have been crowned the enemy.
You and your pea brain will soon flee.
This will be an easily won competition.
I am gathering up ammo for the mission.
I am scarier than General Schwarzkopf.
A smarter man might know to step off.
I wipe my ass with that white flag.
You’re going home in a body bag!

and this is where Jamie quit! yup...just quit! hoser! lol
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