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Tuesday, May. 23, 2006
The past few days have been a nightmare few days. Insanity and anger and disappointments and problems with banking and the worst of it…? My laptop took a big crap. As in dead. I don’t think it will be resuscitated like it was 6 months ago as it’s been on it’s last leg’s after that CPR operation.

At this point I’m too emotionally exhausted to even think about it tonight…..

Suffice it say that my coworkers conspired to assist me and I’m working from a “borrowed indefinitely” laptop and the gesture made me cry with gratitude. I have the world’s best friends. Their support is priceless right now. Priceless.

(Keep in mind that I'm an online student and it's mucho difficult to work work work at it without my "own" laptop and programs etc.)

I'm now trying to determine whether to strike up a deal to purchase the old school laptop I'm working from right now or save up and buy something with wireless and hope it lasts me through my college degree. I truly hate making choices like this. Either way, I remain enrolled. :-)

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