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The Rules of Attraction

Sunday, Oct. 13, 2002

“Having sex with a girl and she doesn’t have an orgasm is like sending a question in a letter, what’s the point?”
- Sean

Forgive me if I’m not remembering the quote word for word….but it was something like that and it was and is great. “The Rules of Attraction” was brilliant as far as I’m concerned. But I read the book. I would have to say that if you didn’t read the book you’re not going to be so taken with the film. I think that Brett Easton Ellis is brilliant and I have yet to see where anyone has ever really made a movie out of a novel and gave it full justice for me. I am a word freak. Yes I love films. But my first love is fiction. You can’t make me love a film about a body of fiction that I love. I just don’t think its possible. Unless you are Roger Avery, this director.

There is so much to say about this film. The special effects of backward motion are great. I could buy this on DVD just to watch that stuff over and over again. I was enthralled with the simplicity of backward moving scenes that were then shown forward moving. This movie reminded me of Requiem for a Dream. (I think it’s self evident by my last layout and this layout that I loved Requiem for a Dream. I never read that book. Every time I pick it up and intend to, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Someday..) It reminded me of Requiem in the way in which a lot of it is filmed in split scenes and interesting ways.

Someday when I publish my book. (I intend to self publish and self promote..etc..) I would love a layout that is interesting. If The Rules…was a book, then the layout was spectacular. Enough split screens, and interesting shots to make it great but not so many as to make it annoying.

Moving onto the music. Being a child of the eighties I was put into this great mood simply by the musical choices.

I liked it. But then again I know the premise of the characters and the real jist of it from reading the book. The person that went with me didn’t read the book and upon leaving the theater he said, “that shit sucked, I wanted to get up and leave after twenty five minutes but I know you love Ellis so I wasted my time for you.” So…if you don’t love Ellis and you never read the book and you just want to see a bunch of pretty people have lots of sex and see some great cinema tricks, then go see the movie.

I’m not going to reimburse your money if you hate it. If you don’t like my review abilities then read this or that

And if you really want to have a good time just buy this!

My next purchase will be this!

oh just bite the big one and go see it!
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