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Time Numbing - poem

Tuesday, May. 21, 2002
Time Numbing

So much I want and left to do
Time is strangling me
Strangling my thoughts
My dreams
Time is robbing me of time
What it gives it timely takes away in two

When I have time
My hands feel too weighted
And I let go
Find things to fill my palms
Things to sing silent songs
That I strain to hear

I run to the edge of the hallway
And I know that Ill never get there
Its a one way street
In a mecca held up
By a ghost town sign

I am going
Always going somewhere
But time wont tell me
How to get there timely

Jesus died at 33
little time, if that were me
what have I done
what could I do
time chases me away
catches me
stretches me through now
from yesterday
and today is through

a list of things
singing out commands
I used to have too much
Now I have only to do
such and such lists
In my hands
Palms struggle at 12 noon
No not yet
I am not ready to live out
My after then

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