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Tomorrow I will crave what I had today, the next day I’ll want what I had yesterday….

Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2004
Everyday I buy coffee at the café at the U. Everyday there are different flavors to choose from. Today was Crème brulee or Chocolate Cookie or plain ole coffee coffee. I stood there in a daze, these things just don’t seem to matter enough to have to think…and yet I had to. I’m drinking the Chocolate. I like Pumpkin Pie from yesterday better. But yesterday I didn’t think so. Now that I can’t have Pumpkin Pie I want it in the worst kinda way. I better enjoy this Chocolate because tomorrow it will be what I crave and tomorrows will taste bland and blah...

Reminds me of how I once said I'll never have what I want...and someone told me "change what you want then".

moral: want what you have today as if you won't have it tomorrow because someday you'll talk about how you were happy with everything you had yesterday...

Noooo this was NOT about coffee...I can't even touch my coffee pot at home without feeling things....
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