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Tree Limbs Embrace the Sky - poem

Tuesday, Jul. 16, 2002
Tree Limbs Embrace the Sky

If I could
I would take the stars
From the sky
String them and
Tie them into a tail
So you could fly
A kite at night

With the lightening bugs
They would sigh
Across the darkened sky
Id tell you to make a wish
Close my eyes and say
It will come true if you
Whisper just like this

If I were to just try
I could take the diamonds
From all the tears Ive cried
Screw them back like light bulbs
To again illuminate your skies

Id get a ladder high
Scrawl your name
Across the dot to dot of stars
And Id carefully curve the y
So wishes wouldnt get caught
Id draw a giant loop
So you had the perfect place to sit
When we talked eye to eye

If I werent so far away
Id just hold a flashlight
And Id say
Lets sit against the forest trees
As clocks in the distance chime
Id read you a story
Right along with midnight
All about a once upon a time
1:39 a.m. ::
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