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Saturday, Dec. 04, 2004
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My son did a great job on these toes….a 12 yr old painted that white tip! And I got a compliment on my shoes today that match my toes perfectly.

Incidentally the U. is an amazingly happy place to work. I love it. I really do love my job. I’m not in enrollment and I will never do that job because it’s tough work, but I’m not in that department and if you enroll I won’t get any credit for it at all. None. Zilch. I swear!!!

Since my net service is down at home I have other news that I might have waited until tomorrow to talk about. Two things.

The man has a new job. He’s no longer sweating it out in the sun working construction, he’s working for a moving company that seems to move rather rich people who can afford to pay upwards in the thousands to have their stuff moved. Last night he called and asked me if I wanted some new glass top tables for the living room. I trusted his judgment and wowsers they are beautiful. Very very nice. I’m thrilled with them. Expect pictures very soon!

I'm currently reading... Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
and the very first chapter about the main character longing for his Mother to come kiss him goodnight made me cry. Cry I tell ya. Cry. It's written so well. I've never read Proust but with this new translation...easy to read and utterly beautiful. I'm finally because of this book allowing myself to highlight and mark to hell a book I own. Wow!

Lastly but not "leastly" I’m going to my first NFL football game tomorrow in Tampa with the man, his twin brother and his girlfriend Christy. Nice. I hope it’s not too hot or too cold and I hope the man has a blast….he’s the football fan. Go bucs…um…they’ve been suckin’ lately…they should have had discounted tickets. :-)


I still get to carry a backpack because I'll be bringing stuff back and forth to work to study on company time. In fact the other day my boss said, "I wish you were already in school so you could spend the week of Christmas when there are no onsite classes working on your schoolwork! Where else but here I tell ya...
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