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Vacation had to get away....

Monday, Jun. 13, 2005

I have ten minutes to jot down an entry.  I have nothing.  Lately I have nothing to write…because by the end of the day my brain is college fried.  I work there all day, I’m a student all night and it occupies my dreams, my nightmares, my stresses and my thoughts 24/7 and sometimes that’s the last thing I want to admit, write or especially document and save forever.


Today I am wearing a new outfit I snagged at Target.  A white and red striped pair of capri’s.  The kind that are cut perfectly and cutely.  And a red shirt.  I thought the pants were on sale for $11.29 and the shirt was on sale for $8.29 but when I got to the register they totaled up to $6.29 with tax and a pair of sugarless gum was throw in there.  I was very surprised and happy for the savings.  Now I should  mention I went back and snagged the pink pair of pants that were marked $5.29 and they happily rung up at $2.99.  Now $2.99 FOR A PAIR OF CUTE PINK SUMMER CAPRI’S SUITABLE FOR WEARING TO WORK????  That’s much like having disposable clothes and yes there are some that would argue that Target is all about cute and yet disposable.  But I love them far more than Walmart.  Now if only they had layaway.  That is something I despise about them.  Despise it!  Especially at Christmastime.  They WOULD get more of my money if they would let me put a layaway on for my son’s Christmas stuff.


I have to drive to Tampa today to work.  But then I am off for an entire week including next Monday.  Odd that they asked me to work today like they did.  But I’ll take it.  A week off and then return for a 4 day week?  Sounds awesome to me.


What do I plan on doing?  I plan on reading Tod Goldberg’s new book.  Oh hell no it’s not out yet, but I have a copy and yah probably because he knows I’ll buy ten copies for myself and other’s when it does come out.  But I plan on having at least one trip to the damn beach to read his book this coming week.  For sure!  A day at the beach with Goldberg?  Priceless.  Oh…and have you ever been a mad groupie over someone’s work and then found out they were a big ass jerk when you contacted them or met them?  Yah I think it’s happened to everyone at some point and time.  I’m a huge drooling fan of Paul Westerberg.  I mean I madly idolize him.  I liked Tod’s book “Fake Liar Cheat” when I first read it years ago…because it was a movie in my mind.  I just really enjoyed reading that book from beginning to end and that doesn’t always happen.  But either way, the point for this paragraph….Tod’s a cool person…he’s funnier than his books let on…and well I gotta say if I’m going to groupie’ize over someone’s work it’s nice when it turns out to be over someone who is kind about it…and that’s putting it lightly.  His new book is titled “Simplify” and I’m sure I’ll have a review up later this week.  It’s a collection of his short stories which he does better than anyone else I know…short of Richard Ford, Amy Bender and perhaps….Ernest Hemingway.  Oh and if you’re not reading the Tod blog….yo a dumbass missing out on good bloggage and Parade ass raping.


I have no plans to leave town but I’ll probably be hitting Busch Gardens to ride the new kickass roller coaster.


The best part of my vacation.  I have a week off between every 5 week class I take and so today is my last day of COMM/102 and I’m off from school for a week too.  So no school…no work……no nothing but doing whatever Kristy feels like doing?


Yah I died and went to vacation heaven!!! GO me!


All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone

-Go Go’s

Trying not to sing that song is like trying not to sing "I've got Lance in my pants" all day.... That jingle makes me wish Rick's name was Lance....just on the days I keep singing that damn song. Grr..hate you Adam Corolla...hate you and the Lance people. "I've got Lance in my pants.."
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