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Monday, Mar. 24, 2003
There’s something I want to divulge. My son is most likely going to remain with his father and it is my wish at the time that he remains right where he is. His father makes 3 times the amount of money I do, he’s providing for him and is moving and Bucky will have his own bedroom in two weeks time. His father is ill and despite my personal feelings towards him, Bucky is a ten year old boy who wants to be with his father, spending time with him. We (Bucky and I) both agree that his father might not be able to walk a year from now and then at that time I will step in and take responsibility for my son. In the meantime, I see him as often and as long and as much as I want. I have never been denied access to my son and if that happens things will change quickly.

Three months ago ex left me homeless with tons of past due bills in hand. (they were in my name…utility bills) I have to pay those bills off and they are not low bills. Just to obtain an attorney in the state of FL it is $1500. I know…I have been to plenty for the free consultations. I have been working on saving that money myself. The apartment… Rick and I did that financially together, I need to have a place to live before I can manage to go to work daily to save the money for an attorney. I am getting a part time job and will work two jobs until and even after I have the money saved for said attorney. I have no family to get a loan from and while I’m sure Rick would lend the money, he himself can’t. We are sharing the expenses and this is further helping me to save money towards my son. The furniture…Rick.

Last, my son goes to a specialized afterschool daycare that runs about $300 a month, at this point and time I cannot afford to grab him and care for him financially and pay for his daycare. So for the time being and until something changes he will be living with his father.

Just because my ex is a cheating lying bastard to me does NOT mean he’s a bad father to his son. I’m doing the best I can and I know this, I know I did the right things for my son, he knows that and that’s all that matters.

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