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Tuesday, Oct. 08, 2002
Do not chat to Sandy in the mornings while child is “brushing teeth”. There will be unfortunate side affects that will include:

Child will spontaneously decide to give himself a haircut for 4th grade picture day at school.

You will be mortified.

You will scramble to straighten out the scraggly bangs.

You will laugh.

Your child will be unaffected as you explain that this moment will be saved for all time.

He will say, “But in a thousand million years no one will think my Polo Shirt makes any sense just like Strawberry Shortcake bedspreads don’t now.” (Memories of your youth will spring to mind long enough to prevent you from thoughts of harming child)

You will not laugh.

You will be 3 minutes late to work.

Your boss will laugh at your excuse.

You will call a portrait studio and make an appointment for a month from now when he will again have nice hair.

You will plan to dispose of all fingernail scissors immediately.

You will mail Sandy a picture of your child looking like a super cuts nightmare….soon.
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