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ache - poem

Friday, Jul. 02, 2004
i'm posting it this way on purpose...it came out just like this...a jumble of thoughts tumbling through

ache...... rafters to write in and pages for crying i crave arms to drown in and blank stares to dance with i want books to laugh at and read aloud stories to write about …you journals to scribble through never hidden from eyes…love written blue ink…true i want love that soars miles and food that scores mouths and i want wishes and butterflies in winter and wooden floors that sometimes splinter my tiniest toes banded and medicated with your tentative aid and sometimes i even want bare feet needing big furry…can i borrow your sir slippers? just to go along where all of your farthest appendixes go i want to recite in the bedroom between thighs open at high noon last night’s inspiration my unuttered poetics i know like weeds they need tended and i want to walk into you, where my garden might grow i want to scratch out lists for the grocery store wipe out the necessities and live on luxurious aches…yes… please on the last page of my notepad hidden a love letter smitten and already i’ve written…. ….to my future true love for whom my soul already goes… it wasn’t the milk or the bread it was love… i hungered for love, my love…so you know.. it was love and my hunger it led… ring fingers with fancy and dancing in showers water in goblets larger than fake plastic flowers soap bubbles with names and families too i’ll write you a fairy story and even if time won’t let you see it i already know that you’d read it because my name is the end and your name is where the story begins i seek lips wet with wishes and tongues singing through the delicate bones of my fingers to seek skin hidden from even summer’s eyes washed clear with the morning dew i want moans never too lonely and skies full of clouds on a sunday and limbs entwined through next tuesday the 3rd tuesday of next month i want you to remember yesterday i loved you and forever is not one day less for we will always share today i want long laundry lines scalloped with t-shirts all manly entwined with my teardrops and longing lined up lace panties i want backyards and dancing daintily hankies your eyes on my behind my naiveté handy i want you you to stand silent in the fields full of weeds and seek only my flowers with limbs full of treeless thoughts blank like the wonder of coming between us and not ending up dead in the force of our love i want sheets stuck to my numbers digits drummed across the landscapes of manhood and eyes laughing in the warm night i want no more i wishes and less i could if i would i want passion and structure and plans that cut crossed out spontaneously out plundered the moment to win and all calls unanswered i want you to say my name so quietly that i only hear you if i close my eyes or you place your want safely in the mystique of the wind imagine daisies in wreathes dried up like autumn leaves hanging from plaster, chipped and lackluster raw with emotion dried up with denial no…lets crawl back into the page of our story away from this …let’s write about history about a boy in the north and a girl bent to the south how.. too many things come running through my ajar heart it’s a treasure chest never opened and now…right now i want to lay myself down to be yours to explore every fold of my paper all of my pages… naked every curve of my letter quivering for both of your eyes
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