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Friday, Jun. 14, 2002
There’s something so awesome about familiarity with another human being. I just realized why I can never really push anyone out of my life. Remember this?

Well, typical of every friendship/relationship in my life. They end. Then something un-known to me happens. Somehow people get to be a part of me then I can’t ever let go and today I think I figured out how they do it.

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hey, what's for lunch?

He used to send me this email an hour before lunchtime every single day for a year. When I saw it again after a 5 month absence it gave me this big lump in my throat. I replied the same exact way I have a thousand times in 3 years. (365 x 3 is really over 1,000) Wonder if he just got a big lump in his throat… when he read this…

“definitely not chicken and rice!

I just totally forgot about this!
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