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Saturday, Jun. 26, 2004

It’s a weekend with my son.He’s right in front of me and my laptop dancing to the movie “You Got Served” as I type.There’s a ton of dancing in this movie.And he’s pretty good.He’s going to make some girl happy someday because he won’t be that guy sitting at the table saying he won’t dance, because he can dance now so by that time he’ll be a pro on the dance floor.

We had a trip to the bookstore and my son picked out “Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry” by Mildred D. Taylor.When I asked why he made this choice he said it was because “it’s about pride and it looks cool.”

He told me tonight that the better he gets at reading the more he’s learning to enjoy it. When we were leaving the bookstore there was a women in front of us.She went out the front door and allowed the door to fly back into my son’s face.He turned and looked at me and said, “wow I’m only 11 and I have more manners than that.”Teeheee… I asked him what he would have done if he had been her.He said, “You slightly turn and make sure no one’s right behind you so the door doesn’t slam in their face like that.”

It’s amazing though how rude the average pedestrian is.They either don’t walk when they should and you play that cat and mouse guessing game about whether or not they’re going to walk across the road in front of you.

Bucky and Sean are rewinding the dance sequences and trying to figure them out.How cute.I can remember doing this same sort of thing with my big sister Tracy.Brings back memories.

Mark my words, this book is going to be picked for one of those TV Book Clubs or something…..if I won the lottery I'd be the book fairy and buy everyone I know a book every month.  Imagine I'd be the PoeticaL Book Pooper.  I'd just drop a damn fine book on your doorstep monthly.  That'd be the shiz'it if I could do that.....

(a girl could stand up - Leslie Marshall)

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