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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2005

Today at work I worked nonstop.  Someone else brought me my lunch (the cool company I work for paid for it too) and I worked worked and worked.  I was heads down working like a mad woman for 10 hours straight.  But it somehow felt good to get caught up and be productive.  By no means did I do it alone….my counterpart was home sick but answered her phone for me about a dozen times to answer my questions….as I’m still learning my new position.  (it’s just that information intensive)


A supervisor in another department acknowledged my efforts by sending an email out to his department as well as mine and the big big boss……that stated the following:



Subject: GREAT JOB!!


I want to thank Kristy for all her hard work today!  Kristy knocked out all of the new student files that were over a week behind.  She was working ALL day long to reach her goal!  Great example of how hard work pays off. 


Thanks again Kristy!!!!



I was feeling pretty awesome about my day and my accomplishments and being acknowledge to boot.  I drove home and went out to dinner with the man, which he paid for.  Another nice happening for the day, dinner out with the man.  (thanks honey!)


And then the piece da resistance?  I checked my email and got this from my son…..I am filled with joy, even if I’m falling down tired tonight….(AND still have to go to class and do homework and post for attendance)




From: keith < @yahoo.com

To: kristy <poeticalgirl@hotmail.com

Subject: hey thanks

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 14:53:05 -0700 (PDT)


hey thanks,

i last weekend that was soo fun being at wal mart at four o clock in the morning and all that stuff

the tatoo place was fun to i liked watching it be done

  i liked the (BODIES ) thing to i hope to come over this weekend and have more fun

maby we can go see a movie or something

ill try to remember to bring some pictures for ace to see

love keith


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